Mediation by Sandra McCulloch

Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Negotiation


Many business leaders need help to navigate conflicts between peers and staff they’re supposed to be managing.
Like a sports coach, I can help you focus on your strengths and use a step-by-step process to tackle the challenges. Are you afraid to say “No”? How do you deal with angry people? Do you sometimes think most of your staff dislike you?  Do you ever say what you really think? Or do you just shut down, and hide behind cynicism or sarcasm?
It can be lonely at the top.
I’ll help you tackle conflicts in a way that will make for a happier and more productive office environment.
Coaching sessions take place in hour-long phone calls every two weeks. We’ll identify the issues and explore how you think and feel about the ongoing conflict. We’ll break the big obstacles down into smaller chunks. Bit by bit, you’ll gain control of conflict, have a clearer path to navigate people problems and gain a new sense of confidence.